Medarot 7 Manga’s Second Chapter Fan-translated Into English

27 07 2013

It’s been a while since community member Heated Phoenix released the first chapter of the Medarot 7 manga into English, and today’s the day when chapter 2 is released. You’ll remember that the manga series ran from the August to October issues of Saikyo Jump, with a special one shot coming in the January issue. Created by Tanaka Yasuki, the series stars Azuma and Metabee as their friendship is put to the test when a meteorite collides into their town… Or not. This chapter sees Azuma take on Himuro Kohaku and his Rokusho, but what happens when the Robo Robo gang joins in? You can download the entire second chapter in English here, or see it embedded below:

If you’d like to own the series, you’ll have to dig up a copy of the Medarot 7 Guidebook where the regular run was compiled.

Now, Heated Phoenix isn’t just satisfied with doing the Medarot 7 manga, he’d like to do them all! Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the materials for the other series, so if you can help feel free to get in touch with him.




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15 03 2016
t a u f i x

thanksssss ヽ(´▽`)ノ

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