Medarot DUAL announced for Nintendo 3DS

24 07 2013

In this week’s issue of Famitsu Rocket Company has announced a follow Medarot title on 3DS. This game won’t be a straight sequel to last year’s Medarot 7, but rather an action game. Like most Medarot titles the game will be available in both Kabuto, and Kuwagata versions. The focus of Kabuto will be on shooting gameplay with focus on long range attacks. Kuwagata will bring the combat much closer with close-ranged combat timed to line up consecutive attacks. In addition to this the voice for the navigational portion of the game will differ per release. Kabuto players will hear Aya Endo, while Kuwagata players will be greeted to the voice of Rie Kugimiya.

Medarot DUAL will include over 100 new Medarot designs with the familiar four part construction of heads, legs, and arm pieces. As expected in a Medarot game, Dual will have players mix and match parts to create the best bot.

In terms of multiplayer you’ll be able to participate in tag team matches with Buddy teammates, including characters from previous entries in the franchise. This mode will feature over 140 different missions. Of course there will also be a traditional online gameplay, and trading mode.

Medarot DUAL is set for release sometime this year in Japan. First run purchases will be entitled to an exclusive AR Card Binder that will give you an exclusive Medarot part, and a limited edition Medarot in the game. Additionally, you’ll be entered into a draw for a chance to win 28 special AR cards.

I guess that explains their TGS appearance.

Via: Sinobi, and Siliconera.




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