Medarot: The Hikaru Collection manga omnibus comes out in Japan on June 21

6 06 2013


All of that teasing was for a reason. Kodansha will publish Medarot: The Hikaru Collection on June 21st for 1500 yen in Japan. This one release collects the entirety of the first Medarot manga series written by Horuma Rin, and features a brand new cover illustration from the artist. Re:ComicBonBon posted up a picture showing a finished copy of the book and its’ 448 pages:

BL4mpzLCUAIyYV0.jpg large




3 responses

9 06 2013
Ricardo Maldonado

It’s a shame not sold through EBAY

4 12 2013
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6 08 2017
Medarot: The Koishimaru Collection due out in October | Project Rising Beetle

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