Medarot 5 fan translation project needs a programmer

26 04 2013

A fan going by the name of Icedolphin has proposed a Medarot 5 translation project but he needs some help. Due to the game’s use of kanji the actual translation portion is covered, so the group needs assistance in editing the English text into the ROM of the game. A programmer experienced with assembly language and willing to deal with this is going to be a must for this effort to succeed. If you know someone qualified don’t be afraid to post in the forum thread devoted to the translation project.

Here are some mock-ups of what Icedolphin hopes the finished product will look like:




I’d advise fans to take some patience with this release. Assuming a skilled programmer can be found the project is likely years away from completion, but this is an important step in bringing some of the Japan-only Medarot entries to the west.




2 responses

1 05 2013

Sweet, can’t wait for the finished product!

1 12 2015
L.B. 367

And what happened to the project?

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