Is the official Japanese Twitter account teasing a Medarot manga reprint?

16 04 2013

The Official Comic Bon-Bon Revival Twitter account posted an update showing off the proofs for the cover of the first Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children manga volume release out on May 23rd. The official Medarot Twitter account retweeted adding that fans should pay attention to the bottom right of the attached image and that something is coming in June:


You’ll notice the two famous KWG, and KBT models as well as the June 2013 text. I’m speculating that it’ll be a reprint of the Medarot manga. Comic Bon-Bon Revival is devoted to republishing the manga that ran in Comic Bon-Bon, and Medarot was one of the more well-known series. Collected releases of the first Medarot manga came out in 1998 so those volumes are out of print.




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16 04 2013

This reminds me that a few days ago I noted that there was an event or something about Comic Bon Bon that really got me curious, since some new art sketches from the authors (I think they reunited the authors of the manga that run there or at least those from their most known series) were going through Twitter, and one of them was indeed from Horumarin with Hikaru accompanied by Metabee and Rokusho. So, that is pretty much what I know.

Suspecting that, at least for now, they would be reprinting the first manga series. That WOULD be cool since that is an opportunity to get the manga at least in a reprinted form.

16 04 2013

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6 06 2013
Medarot: The Hikaru Collection manga omnibus comes out in Japan on June 21 | Project Rising Beetle

[…] of that teasing was for a reason. Kodansha will publish Medarot: The Hikaru Collection on June 21st for 1500 yen in […]

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