Medarot 7 Manga’s First Chapter Fan-translated Into English

5 03 2013

Community member Heated Phoenix has something fairly exciting to share with us! He’s in the process of scanning, and translating the entirety of the Medarot 7 manga. You’ll remember that the manga series ran from the August to October issues of Saikyo Jump, with a special one shot coming in the January issue. Created by Tanaka Yasuki, the series stars Azuma and Metabee as their friendship is put to the test when a meteorite collides into their town. You can download the entire first chapter in English here, or see it embedded below:

If you’d like to own the series, you’ll have to dig up a copy of the Medarot 7 Guidebook where the regular run was compiled.

Now, Heated Phoenix isn’t just satisfied with doing the Medarot 7 manga, he’d like to do them all! Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the materials for the other series, so if you can help feel free to get in touch with him.




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27 07 2013
Medarot 7 Manga’s Second Chapter Fan-translated Into English | Project Rising Beetle

[…] been a while since community member Heated Phoenix released the first chapter of the Medarot 7 manga into English, and today’s the day when chapter 2 is released. You’ll […]

31 07 2013

I loved the first chapter but im angry because theres people that read it an didnt leava rply keep it going!

1 10 2014

Keep it going!

8 12 2015

cool keep going

14 03 2016
t a u f i x

thanks for sharing this manga ヽ(´▽`)ノ

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