Medarot 7 now available to download from the Japanese Nintendo eShop

16 02 2013

ico_softwareRocket Company have announced that both versions of Medarot 7 are now available as downloads on the Nintendo eShop for Japanese 3DS owners. The game will cost you 6,090 yen which is exactly the same price as the physical release from September, how courteous of them …




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16 02 2013

Now, how about a US release?

16 02 2013

Maybe a tad bit unrelated and excuse me for that, but just reporting in to say that I’m still translating the manga, I only need the october issue of Saikyo Jump for the entire Medarot 7 manga run (including the January bonus issue).

Here’s a little preview:

Hopefully I’ll have the first chapter done soon.

17 02 2013

You should post on our forum thread about it:

When you start releasing completed chapters I’ll write a blog post about them.

17 02 2013

Should I make my own thread for the releases?
Hopefully I’ll have the first chapter done by the end of the week or so.

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