Medarot Episode 1 anime fansub now available

1 10 2012

Before we get into this, I’d like to say that this was a struggle for me to post. Project Rising Beetle was founded under the guise of fans supporting official releases to get more Medabots here, but ultimately I decided that sharing this news was worth more. It also helps that there is no official release for the Japanese version of the anime outside of importing the Japanese R2 DVDs, and add in the fact that the rights holder for the anime in the west appears to have relinquished those rights back to Japan leads me to come to this decision. Fansub group (Note: Language warning) are in the process of fansubbing the entirety of the Medarot anime series, and have in fact released the first episode. This is the first time the anime series will be viewable for those who do not know Japanese. The group are looking for anyone who would be willing to help with quality control and dedicated pre-timer tasks. If you can help, drop them a line at their site. You can find a torrent download for the first episode, and a streaming version of the anime’s opening theme below:

Episode 1: The Piece of Crap Medarot Download

The first episode provides a few instances of changes that the dub made. If you ever wondered why Samantha (known as Kikuhime in the Japanese version) was offended by Spyke (Iwanoi in this version) calling her “boss” you’ll actually find out that he was calling her something entirely different. The translator on the project, Misha decided to use “sir” and had this to say:

The ‘sir’ usage was a stylistic choice and not an ultra-direct translation. ‘Oyabin’ (おやびん) is a degradation of ‘oyabun’ (親分), a term roughly meaning ‘boss’ but with distinct ties to organized crime. It’s worth mentioning that in the yakuza world, a woman would never be called ‘oyabun’, though I’m sure that isn’t the biggest factor behind Kikuhime’s offense at the comparison (despite its occasional accuracy). Something like ‘sir’ loses the direct yakuza link, but manages to stay funny (super important, as it’s supposed to be a gag), and… makes sense to the average viewer, versus something like the dub’s ‘boss’, which seemed to cause little more than (atleast your) confusion. Something like ‘don’ could also work, but I’m afraid it might be lost on some viewers. Ultimately, ‘sir’ seemed to be the best middleman between technical accuracy and spiritual accuracy. Hope this cleared things up! hasn’t put out a schedule for the next episode but keep checking back as we’ll definitely cover it when it drops.

Discuss the ongoing fansub release at our forums!




2 responses

15 08 2013

I like this. The only thing i liked about the dubbed version was the battle music and the data on the medafighters before the match.

15 08 2013

You could just leave “Oyabin” and explain on top like most fansubs do. If you think about it, most of the people that prefer the japanese version subbed its because they actually like japanese. So learning terms its not a problem, it’s like when they leave sempai or other jap terms, instead of translating. Just advise (or opinion), not a critic at all.

Nice effort, i was looking for a fansub on this series for some years, but only watched raws, and i don’t understand a lot of things in japanese.

Good luck.

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