Medarot 7’s reception

23 09 2012

Medarot 7’s currently out in Japan, and of course we’ve got some reviews, and sales figures to look over. On the review front famed Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu gave the game a solid 8/8/7/7 score totaling to 30/40. This score actually happens to be the exact same as what Medarot DS received in 2010. 4gamer reader reviews give the game an 85 compared to DS’s 75. After 25 user reviews has Medarot 7 at a great 4 stars out of 5. Comparatively, Medarot DS has a 3.5 from 19 ratings.

On the sales front … unfortunately things aren’t looking so pretty. According to video game sales tracker Media Create the game sold 49,519 units in its first week of release. This figure is slightly down from the number Medarot DS pushed in 2010 which was 50,164. The tracker said that Medarot 7 only sold 40-41% (depending on the version, with Kuwagata’s sell through being slightly higher) of its initial shipment which is estimated to be 120-125k.

As for why? Well, there’s a few reasons. Medarot 7 launched at an expensive ¥6,090 compared to DS’s ¥5,040. There’s also the simple fact of userbase differences. Medarot 7 is launching on a userbase of 7.3 million in Japan on 3DS. Medarot DS launched on a userbase of 30 million in 2010. 3DS also has competition from Level-5 with Little Battlers eXperience Boost still charting months after release.

On the bright side though, it needs to be stated that Medarot DS ended up shipping 150,000 units in Japan with a similar debut. If the game showcases some legs that first week shipment can be sold through. Rocket Company are still promoting the game as their recent TGS presence proved:

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24 09 2012

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24 09 2012

Well if they had localised…..

27 09 2012

The battle system alone feels much faster and smoother than DS’s

20 10 2012

I hope this sees an international release

1 11 2012
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