Official Medarot 7 website updates to give us new info, screenshots, and videos

29 08 2012

The official website for Medarot 7 has updated its’ system section to reveal some important information. The major change to the battle system is a new combo based mechanic (originally teased in the Saikyo V-JUMP Festa demo) involves using 2 parts at the same time when reaching the attacking line, in exchange for it taking longer to charge/cooldown. In addition, returning gameplay mechanics such as the Medaforce, and Medachange (the ability to transform) were demonstrated in a variety of gameplay videos:

(Note: There is some audio in this video, it’s just really low for the most part. As well, video compression ruined some of the part screens)

Within these videos stealthy eyed viewers were able to spot parts from a variety of Medarot games, including Medarot 5, and Medarot G (reskinned as Medabots AX in western markets). Those are just some of the parts in the game. It’s set to feature 700 parts, and 5700 possible combinations.

But that’s not all for this update. The site’s training section reveals that Medal raising has changed in this version as well. While users will still be restricted to the same 3 skills as they were in Medarot DS, there are now added effects to where a user aims an attack. For example “Speed” still makes the Medabot aim at leg parts first, but also gives it a 1.2x bonus with its charge time, and “Power” gives a bonus to damage. Lastly, branching medal evolution paths will return from Medarot 5.

Medarot 7 will be released in Japan on September 13 in both Kabuto, and Kuwagata versions for 6090yen on the Nintendo 3DS. Those who preorder the game will be entitled to 32 augmented reality cards. The game’s scenario designer is Ichiro Tezuka, with character designs by Horumarin alongside Mook.

Once again a huge thanks to Kimbles on the forums for pointing this out, and translating it!




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