Medarot 7 Saikyo V-JUMP Festa demo detailed

14 08 2012

Medarot 7 was playable at the Saikyo V-JUMP Festa, and Japanese bloggers have written up a summary of the demo they played. Kimbles once again provides us an English translation of it all:

The Medarot 7 booth at Saikyo V-JUMP Festa 2012

►Shoot and Snipe are now grouped into a single “Ranged” skill. Likewise, Strike and Berserk are grouped together as “Physical”. The grouped skills are levelled up at the same time.
►Battles feel twice as fast. Charge/cooldown happens quickly and the overall tempo is nice. (However, since it’s so fast it might take some getting used to.)
►Power of attacks seems to have increased; Bluesdog’s head rifle does around 140 damage.
►Bluesdog’s head cannon attack animation has it firing from a gun in its chest, like Cyandog in the manga.
►Assassin attacks do around 160 damage with a Physical stat of 25. In exchange for having a 100% chance of critical, the part now self destructs unless it destroys an enemy part. (?)
►Break’s mechanics are somehow different, and its animation looks cool.
►A-Buraage’s arms are now fire (shown as a blue will o’ wisp) and its head is a trap.
►Enemy traps show up as a ? until triggered, so you can’t tell what kind of trap is placed.
►Rouge Katze uses shooting thunder attacks, and stop still prevents movement/defending/dodging like before.
►There’s a charge beam attack, where you charge up energy at the starting line and unleash it all at once.
►Snipe attack animations show the Medarot aiming with a crosshair before attacking. (Shown in the trailer)
►Guard/Defense actions don’t have animations, instead showing up as an icon on the bottom screen.
►”Combos” – Lets you link up to 3 part actions that use skills that match the medal, done by pressing Y when selecting a part. The combo can’t include guard/defending actions but you can use stuff like scan.
►It no longer cancels the attack if the target Medarot is destroyed, instead it chooses another target.
►Tornado now temporarily makes the target unable to move (and possibly does other things).
►Peppercat’s head part now uses “Stealth”.
►Matching sets of parts have unique poses on the parts select screen.
►Pressing select in a battle gives you the option to surrender. (hasn’t been a feature since the first game.)
►Something about combo attacks if multiple Medarots arrive at the attacking line at the same time.
►Tart’s Doctor Study is named “Docta” like in the manga.
►The AR card reader is in an option when you start the game up, so you can’t use it unless you have the game?
►The staff are interested in having tournaments for the game if possible.
►They’re taking the lessons learned from DS and putting lots of effort into the story.




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29 08 2012
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[…] The major change to the battle system is a new combo based mechanic (originally teased in the Saikyo V-JUMP Festa demo) involves using 2 parts at the same time when reaching the attacking line, in exchange for it […]

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