Medarot 7 website updates to show us some familiar faces

12 08 2012

The official Japanese Medarot 7 page has updated to include a character section. This character section provides us with some info on cast from Azuma, Ms. Nae, the Rubberobos, and more. Some longtime fans may recognize some familiar faces.

Azuma Amakura
The main character of the story.
Usually childish and straightforward, he’s likely to rush into situations without thinking things through, but values friendship above all else.
He aspires toward friendship with Medarots.

Ikki Tenryou
Convenience store employee who’s knowledgeable about Medarots.
Always seems to have lots of free time, but is known to disappear sometimes.

Arika Amazake
A Freelance reporter. Currently chasing thre mystery of the M-Drive.

Nae Akihabara
Dr. Medarot’s grandaughter, she too has been drawn towards Medarot research and development.

Once again a huge thanks to forum user Kimbles for providing us the translation!




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