Medarot 7 manga chapter 1 preview released

3 08 2012

Saikyo Jump has released a five page preview of the first chapter of the Medarot 7 manga. The new series by Tanaka Yasuki follows Azuma on a new quest. The series will run for three chapters in the Weekly JUMP spinoff magazine, the first of which is currently on Japanese book shelves. Check out the preview embedded below:




8 responses

8 08 2012

I know absolutely nothing beyond the English dubbed anime, American games , and the original English translated manga so, how long has there been a “medaphone” instead of a medawatch? Does anyone hate it like I do? :/

9 08 2012

It was introduced in Medarot DS (the game prior to this one). I guess the team felt children no longer wore watches, which is kind of true.

19 08 2012

If wanted, I can translate this.

22 08 2012

jon:Yeah I guess they don’t, sad time we live in.

heat: Please do.

22 08 2012

I might be able to get the entire chapters. No guarantees or anything.

23 08 2012

Yep. I’ll get the full chapters. It’ll take about 3 weeks for them to arrive and then gimme another 2 weeks to actually translate them. Not that confident about my Japanese, yet.

27 08 2012

Thanks heat, I’m sure everyone who visits the site appreciates it as well. I’m starting my first Japanese language class on Tuesday, have you found it difficult or easy to learn?

4 09 2012

Easy, but it takes a lot of time. And be sure to get some language exchange partners after you feel confident about your ability to hold a conversation in Japanese.

I used an internet textbook and various textbook resources, but now I am able to keep a conversation in Japanese and read emails and notes from Japanese people, so just don’t give up.

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