Japanese Medarot Popularity Poll 2012 Results

30 07 2012

Over on the Furuani Max channel on Nico Nico Douga Horumarin and his assistant voice actress in training, Iku Arino have revealed the results of the 2012 Japanese Medarot Popularity Polls held earlier this year. Some of the results are surprising, while many are not:

1. Metabee (930 points)
2. Rokusho (650 points)
3. Arcbeetle (480 points)
4. Ikki Tenyrou (440 points)
5. Henry / Hikaru (410 points)
6. Mega Emperor / God Emperor (380 points)
7. Robo Emperor / Beast Master (320 points)
8. Sumilidon / Smilodonad (240 points)
8. Phantom Renegade / Kaitou Retort (240 points)
10. Shinzan (230 points)
10. Black Beetle (230 points)

Franchise favourites like Metabee, and Rokusho easily top the list, but even characters like Shinzan who only appeared in Medarot 5 cracked the list. Did your favourite make the list? Personally, I’m disappointed by the lack of Mr. Referee!

If you’d like to see the entire series of videos where Horumarin and Arino unveil, speak, and then sketch the winning characters you can check out a playlist of it all here. As well, during these Nico Nico broadcasts Horumarin and Arino also went through a variety of Medarot 7 character reveals which we’ll post in another post.




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1 08 2012
New Medarot 7 models revealead « Project Rising Beetle

[…] Alongside the Medarot Popularity polls, the Furuani Max broadcasts on Nico Nico Douga also presented us with five brand new Medarot 7 models. Series regular Horumarin and voice actress Iku Arino presented the characters before revealing information about them, and having Horumarin sketch them. The five revealed are: The Edge (ジ・エッジ), Helicopter-type Soldier-themed Medarot that can Medachange into a helicopter. It was shown in one of the early battle screenshots from Famitsu, and part of its transformation can be seen briefly in the trailer. Rouge Katze (ルージュカッツェ), Cat-type New electricity-based cat Medarot. (Shown in the AR card demo) Cobalt Setter (コバルトセッター), Dog-type New dog-type that uses shooting attacks. Ginban Fairy (ギンバンフェアリ) Figure skater-type Skating-themed Medarot with blades on its arms. “Ginban” means ice sheet. Chuugen Haoh (チュウゲンハオー), Chinese warrior type (CHA00-M) According to Horuma, it’s partly based on Lu Bu from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The name comes from 中原 (central plain) and 覇王 (supreme king). This one also showed up in the AR card demo. […]

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