Medarot 7 commercial, trailer posted, new character reveals + Japanese character rankings ongoing

25 06 2012

During a celebration on the Furuani MAX block of programming on Nico Nico Douga, Horumarin and his assistant unveiled the first trailer, and TV commercial for Medarot 7, which is embedded below:

The Fururani broadcast also has Horumarin, and his assistant doing other things, such as 2012’s character popularity rankings, as well as new character reveals for Medarot 7. In each case they’ll talk a bit about the character, and then Horumarin will draw a sketch. As the character rankings are still ongoing we won’t cover those until they’re completely done, but you can see the current results on our forums. Here are the two character reveals so far:

The Fururani broadcasts on Nico Nico will continue again starting June 30th. The broadcasts aren’t just Horumarin, and his assistant talking, but rather are marathons of the anime series. Unfortunately, Nico Nico’s stream of this event are region-blocked to Japanese IPs only.




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