Medarot 7 augmented reality mode detailed, and higher quality screens + box art

23 06 2012

The official Medarot portal updated to include information regarding Medarot 7’s augmented reality mode. Early birds who purchase Medarot 7 within its first print run will receive 32 free augmented reality cards. The cards range from franchise mascots Metabee, and Rokusho to relatively unknown characters like Blazermate. To get all 64 augmented reality cards the user’s are going to need to purchase both Medarot 7: Kabuto, and Medarot 7: Kuwagata versions. At this time there is no information regarding any other way of getting the cards. The site urges readers to preorder to ensure their cards as quantities are limited. The company released a promotional video showcasing the game’s augmented reality features:

Alongside this news, updated their pages for the games to reflect the highlighted cards owners will get with each version of the game. The Kabuto version will come with Metabee, Brave Police, Antoldier, Macularius, and Attractor. The Kuwagata version of the game will come with Rokusho, Samurai, Pigeon Blood, Blazermate, and Chuugen Hao. They posted sample images of the cards: also posted higher resolution versions of the screenshots Famitsu previously shared:

The official site’s Spec page updated to share some of the differences between the versions of the game. It didn’t go into detail at all, but you can expect different Medarots in each version, and different items.

Medarot 7 releases September 13, 2012 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, and will retail for 6090yen.




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24 06 2012
29 08 2012
Official Medarot 7 website updates to give us new info, screenshots, and videos « Project Rising Beetle

[…] Kuwagata versions for 6090yen on the Nintendo 3DS. Those who preorder the game will be entitled to 32 augmented reality cards. The game’s scenario designer is Ichiro Tezuka, with character designs by Horumarin […]

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