Medarot 7 site launches, new Medarot web portal, box art preview + game playable at V-JUMP Festa 2012

4 06 2012

The Medarot 7 website has launched. As it is very young the site lacks many of its planned pages. However, it contains a world page saying that once again the game takes place in a world in which free-willed robots have become commonplace and are pitted against each other in battle. The most important revelation from the official site is that the game will feature an RPG mode with 3D graphics, a first for the franchise who previously used 2D sprites for this mode. The site also revealed ever tiny pictures of the game’s eventual box art. It does indeed seem that Metabee and Rokusho are our mascots for this game.

Rocket Company has also set up a Medarot video game portal. The site features a history section, an interview with Horumarin, a mini animated web comic and more. In the history section it’s important to note that it reaffirms the believe that Medarot DS was indeed Medarot 6.

As well, it has been announced that Medarot 7 will be playable at the V-JUMP Festa prior to the game’s September 13, 2012 release date.



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25 08 2012
Medarot 7 Saikyo V-JUMP Festa demo detailed « Project Rising Beetle

[…] 7 was playable at the Saikyo V-JUMP Festa, and Japanese bloggers have written up a summary of the demo they played. Kimbles once again […]

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