Medarot 7 formally announced, coming this September to Japanese Nintendo 3DS

30 05 2012

Japanese blogger Sinobi states that this week’s Famitsu (Japanese gaming mag) has a huge scoop on the new Medarot title for 3DS! Originally thought of as “Medarot 3D”, the game has now been retitled Medarot 7! Shockingly, the game will be able to see release within the franchise’s 15th Anniversary, as Famitsu pegs the game’s release date as September 13, 2012. Like always the game will be available in Kabuto, and Kuwagata versions.

Siliconera reports that the game will feature over 140 different Medarot, have more online gameplay, enhanced graphics, and Street Pass support! Story information, and such haven’t leaked out, but we’ll stay on top of it, and show off any potential scans we may get.

Oh, I guess this confirms that Medarot DS is indeed Medarot 6!




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30 05 2012


30 05 2012 posts our first Medarot 7 screenshots and details « Project Rising Beetle

[…] last couple of hours as we’ve had Medarot 7 officially unveiled for 3DS! First we received reports from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, then we received scans and now Famitsu’s website has […]

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