Famitsu.com posts our first Medarot 7 screenshots and details

30 05 2012

It’s been hectic these last couple of hours as we’ve had Medarot 7 officially unveiled for 3DS! First we received reports from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, then we received scans and now Famitsu’s website has the full details.

Medarot 7 will once again follow (a younger) Azuma, the star of Medarot DS, as a meteorite strikes his home town causing crazy things to happen. Can Azuma and his friends make it right and save the world? In addition to this the game features over 140 different Medarot, over 90 different medals, equating to a huge amount of customization possibilities! Fans will recognize this game’s mascot Medarot as Metabee and Rokusho from previous entries in the franchise.

Like Medarot DS, the battles in the game will take place with 3D graphics. The battle engine has been tweaked further to allow Medafighters to plan their battles easier via the touch screen. Apparently there will be new game mechanics as well, but that was not discussed in detail with Famitsu today. The site also didn’t specify if the RPG adventure mode will be with 3D graphics, or the traditional sprite based style.

That said, there’s a lot more to Medarot 7 than just battling and adventuring! This iteration of the game will include an augmented reality portion, where you can see your Medarot come to life. There will be 64 cards available for this portion of the game, and those who buy or preorder the game early will receive first access. As well, Medarot 7 features a Casino mode where you can play a variety of traditional card games. Of course, like Medarot DS there is a gachapon station to test your luck.

Medarot 7 will be released in Japan on September 13, 2012 in both Kabuto, and Kuwagata versions for 6090yen. The game’s scenario designer is Ichiro Tezuka, with character designs by Horumarin alongside an artist who I believe is using the pen name “Mook”.




3 responses

31 05 2012

Blazermate! Looks like some Navi designs will finally be showing up in another game, and I couldn’t be happier!
And is that *Frontline*? An anime exclusive design in a game? Let’s hope so!
Also, what do you mean by “younger” Azuma? Is this supposed to be a prequel? Or just that his design is younger-looking?

31 05 2012

I’m assuming here. Azuma looks a lot younger in Medarot 7 than in DS, but that could be due to the artist changes.

4 06 2012
Medarot 7 manga to run in Saikyo JUMP « Project Rising Beetle

[…] veteran Horumarin, but rather Tanaka Yasuki. Is Tanaka the mysterious “Mook” who is helping out Horumarin on Medarot 7 for 3DS? Either way, the series will be short, and only run for 3 months. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike […]

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