Medabots Online’s function not ceased, needs fan donations to keep the robattle going

26 03 2012

Remember the ambitious fan project known as Medabots Online, the Medabots MMO that promised to connect Medafighters the world over? Remember when a trickle of news became no news, and its teaser site, as well as Facebook page went offline? Well, it has returned. Medabots Online’s Twitter page reports:

While we thought the lights went out on the project it seems everything has been going fine. Well, almost fine. You see Persisent Worlds, the development studio has run out of funding for the game and needs to fundraise. The goal is to raise $500 via donations by April 30. If that fails the studio hopes to do some contract website creation to make ends meet.

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5 responses

21 05 2012
Jewlin Natika

Hey man, I love what you guys are tryin to do! Count on me for support! Gotta keep the dream alive, right?

30 10 2018
Twi diot

is this still happening?

3 08 2012

Their website is gone.

21 02 2015

erm, does this mean there is no chance?

30 10 2018
Twi diot

has this moved at all?

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