Medabots Online fan MMO announced

11 01 2012

I usually don’t cover fan made things simply because there’s so much of it out there, and I’d never be able to cover real news (and as readers know, I struggle to do that) if I tried to be covering the fan stuff. So, sorry Japanese Medarot fans, I’m not going to be covering your latest fan gathering, though I’m envious of the fact that exists, but I will be covering Medabots Online. Medabots Online is a brand new English fan made massively multi-player online role playing game from Persistent Worlds. The game is set to be an online browser-based adaptation of the Medabots RPGs we’ve all come to love. There isn’t much else to say than that I’m afraid. The game’s teaser website can be found here.There you’ll find links to their Facebook, and Twitter pages to stay up to the minute on development of the game. The team at Persistent Worlds promises a release date sometime this year, as well as private betas (of which I’m trying to get keys to distribute!), and a teaser trailer soon.

Let’s hope this project is a great success, and signifies a rebirth of the Medabots fandom 15 years from when it first began!

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26 03 2012
Medabots Online’s function not ceased, needs fan donations to keep the robattle going « Project Rising Beetle

[…] Remember the ambitious fan project known as Medabots Online, the Medabots MMO that promised to connect Medafighters the world over? Remember when a trickle of news became no news, and its teaser site, as well as Facebook page went offline? Well, it has returned. Medabots Online’s Twitter page reports: […]

9 07 2013

I love medabots! I been a fan for the longest time ^_^ I can’t wait for this game to be made I’ve been playing some classic medabot games while waiting for this such as medabots metabee version as well as medabots infinity and of coursce rewatching one of the greatest anime of all time medabots!

29 11 2013

This really needs to be done. Its a lot better of an idea than just re-beating Core over and over again

21 02 2015

is this still a thing? I would live this to be a thing but this is like 3 years old so i dont know if it is or not :S

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