Horumarin presents our first look at a Medarot 3D character design

17 11 2011

Okay, this is kind of half-news. Long time Medarot/Medabots artist Horumarin shared on the official Japanese Medarot blog something we’ve all been waiting for, new news on the Medarot 3D project! He unveiled a new character design! Remember when I said this was a case of half news? Well, this character design was rejected by the development team, haha. This proposed design is for a character named “Black Bass”, whom Horumarin described as “An old black bass that has escaped many a fisherman, covered in the lures from their failed attempts”.

While it’s not the biggest piece of news Medabots/Medarot fans have been hoping for, the fact that the game is clearly making some headway in development (including the recent Famitsu listing for a 2012 release) is quite a good thing!

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A huge thanks goes to Mujun of NeoGAF for making this post possible by acting as Japanese translator. If you know Japanese, and would like to help out the blog in the future, please leave a comment or post on the forum.




2 responses

15 02 2012

will the game ever come to the uk i realy wanna get it but i cant read japanese so no point in importing it it would be so cool if it did come to the uk please let me know somebody PLEASEEEE 😦

30 05 2012
First scans for Medarot 7 appear, Metabee and Rokusho return?! « Project Rising Beetle

[…] that series regular Horumarin will not be doing the art for the game, which is slightly weird as he’s produced art for the game while it was still under the “Medarot 3D” working title. Maybe he will […]

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