The curious case of Kirby Mass Attack

19 09 2011

Kirby Mass Attack is the latest title in the massively popular Kirby franchise from Nintendo and HAL Labs, but curiously the latest iteration hitting stores shelves tomorrow in North America has a Medabots connection.

You see, Kirby Mass Attack for the Nintendo DS features a story where an evil wizard casts a spell on Kirby splitting him into 10 parts! Now it’s up to Kirby and his clones to take down this dastardly wizard and restore Dreamland back to its peaceful state!

Now Nintendo of America decided on an interesting marketing slogan for the game:

“More Kirbys, More Power”

Gee wizz English Medabots fans, doesn’t that sound familiar? 😉

“More Medabots, More Power”

Yes, that marketing campaign sounds amazingly similar to the one Nelvana, Natsume, and Hasbro used towards marketing Medabots, exactly 10 years ago! Someone remembers, and is celebrating the anniversary … 😦 It’s probably just good ideas striking twice.

Download the demo for Kirby Mass Attack on the Nintendo Channel today! North American release of the full game is set for September 19, 2011, with the EU release to follow in October.

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One response

18 11 2011
Mr.Z (@mrzisawesome)

I hate Mass Attack, but this is a cool and interesting reference.

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