International Day of Robattle Kicks Off Today!

1 09 2011

The TV anime adaptation of Medabots 2, simply titled Medabots debuted on Fox Kids on September 1st, 2001 and quickly became the best rated new show of the 2001 Fox Kids season. Today we’re celebrating 10 years of Medabots. Celebrating 10 years of Medabots means a lot, it means remember the past, and all the good times we’ve had, but it also means looking forward to the future. To join in on the International Day of Robattle, simply follow these two steps:

1) Doing something Medabots related.

Watch an episode of the anime (say, maybe the first one), read the manga, play the games, or just sit back and remember when you could. That’s all you need for step one.

2) Share your memories about Medabots on Twitter

On September 1st, we want #Medabots, and #RisingBeetle trending on Twitter! Share your memories with friends, and hopefully spark the interest of those who’ve never heard of Medabots before into checking out this awesome franchise!

Ultimately the goal of the International Day of Robattle is to unite Medafighters around the world in a single day. By doing this we can show the powers that be that people still care about Medabots, and would love to see more of the franchise in the west. But Project Rising Beetle’s festivities don’t stop there, oh no, we have an entire month of Medabots Awareness. So help us get more people involved and spread the word.




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