Japanese Metabee voice actor Junko Takeuchi coming to New York Anime Festival

11 08 2011

Most will know Junko Takeuchi as the voice of Naruto in the Naruto media franchise (or as Gon from Hunter x Hunter), but Medabots fans will know her as the voice of someone very special, Metabee! On behalf of Viz Media (who happened to published Medabots manga in North America) Junko Takeuchi will make an appearance at this year’s New York Anime Festival hosted from October 13-16, 2011 at the Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan as part of the sixth annual New York Comic Con.

Junko also happened to sing the very first opening theme song to Medarot in Japan, “Chie to Yuuki da! Medarotto”, here’s a taste if you have never heard it before:

I’d advise any Medafighters heading to the Con to surprise her with some Medabots trivia! That certainly will be refreshing for given she’ll likely be bombarded with Naruto questions, and comments.

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