Project Rising Beetle has officially launched!

7 08 2011

Hi Medafighters, I’m pleased to say that after taking longer than I expected, Project Rising Beetle is finally completed! The site is now fully operational with these swell pages:

Medabots Awareness Month

If you’re reading this site, you already know about the good word of Medabots, but what about the rest of the world? Find out how you can help make Medabots a name worth something once again!

International Day of Robattle

Medabots fans around the world gather to recall all their favourite memories and help #Medabots, and #RisingBeetle trending on Twitter!

Localization Campaign

Medabots fans around the world try to get the latest Medabots games localized in a language they can understand!

Spread The Word

We can’t do all the advertising alone, we need your help! Click here to find snazzy signatures, userbars, and more!


Share your thoughts on everything with Medafighters from around the world in our message board!

Stay tuned as Project Rising Beetle becomes your source for Medabots news, reviews, and more!




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