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27 07 2011

Hi, I’m Medafighter Jonathan and I’m here to tell you about Project Rising Beetle. Now, what is Project Rising Beetle? Project Rising Beetle is a completely fan run initiative to promote Medabots in its tenth anniversary in North America. Yep, that’s right, this September it will be 10 years since Medabots premiered on on North American TV. Some may ask, why are we celebrating North America’s anniversary? Simply because North America was the first region to get Medabots outside of Japan, and is the region of which international dubs were produced upon.

But we’re not entirely stuck in the past. You see while Medabots may be a dormant franchise in North America, it has gone through a rebirth of sorts with new DVDs, comic series, figures, and trading cards all centred around one thing – Medabots DS. Medabots DS is the first new Medabots video game since 2005, it was released to favourable sales, and reviews in May 2010 in Japan. However, like a lot of Medabots video games, it has remained in Japan. Fans are fearful, that the sequel on 3DS, Medabots 3D, may suffer the same fate. So how do we change that? Simple, we raise awareness to companies (like Natsume – the firm who localized previous Medabots games) that people still care about the series.

How do we raise awareness? Well, through a series of Youtube video campaigns, Facebook, and Twitter campaigns leading up an attempt to get the first episode of Medabots in the top 10 on Amazon Video.

But you want to help now? Well, sign the petition, send letters, and spread the word.




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28 07 2011

Here is hoping we get some Meda-power overseas! US and Europe release of Medabots DS or Medabots 3DS!

2 02 2012
nikos aggelopoulos


2 02 2012
nikos aggelopoulos


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