Medarot 8’s Reception

11 10 2014

BwBPnSICQAAX28U.jpg largeRocket Company and Delta-Arts published Medarot 8, the latest entry in the robot-battling RPG series on August 28th in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS. Now that the game has been out for a few months, it’s about time to reflect on how the latest outing performed.

Japan’s most popular gaming magazine Famitsu reviewed the title. Their four editors awarded the game a total score of 31/40, or split as 8/7/8/8. This is the best result an RPG entry has seen from the outlet, topping the 30/40 scores granted to Medarot Navi, DS and 7. However this is a single point decline from last year’s Medarot DUAL, the action spinoff developed by Jupiter. Each of Famitsu’s four reviewers each gave that game an 8.

In a rare English review, Bri Bri of Japanese 3DS gave the game a 7 out of 10. Praise was directed toward the robot customization while the length of battles drew criticism. Overall he felt that Medarot 8 “is a really fun game with good (not great) visuals, an excellent soundtrack and a wonderful array of characters.” Read the rest of this entry »

Medarot: The Ikki Collection Volume 1 Launches Later This Month

10 10 2014

medarot2Kodansha’s Re:ComicBonBon label published a collected release of the first Medarot manga in June of 2013. Due to that book’s success, the company announced that the manga adaptations of Medarot 2 through 4 would also see collected releases under the Ikki Collection label. The release date for the first volume, which will contain all of Medarot 2‘s manga, is scheduled for October 23rd. The book will cost 1,000 yen and features a new cover designed by Horuma Rin.

The Medarot 2 manga ran in the monthly Comic Bon-Bon anthology magazine back in 1999. The four collected volumes tell an alternate take on the story found within the first anime series. Medarot 2‘s manga adaptation was drawn by Horuma Rin and it is the only manga in the franchise published outside of Asia. In 2002, Viz Media released the manga in North America. Pika Édition published a French version the following year. Read the rest of this entry »

Kotobukiya Reissues Metabee And Rokusho Model Kits

9 09 2014

Kotobukiya announced today that their KBT-00M Metabee and KWG-00M Rokusho model kits are set to receive another production run this November. These two originally launched in 2012 as part of Kotobukiya’s Medarot DS line.

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Is Natsume Preparing An English Virtual Console Release of the Medabots GBA RPG?

30 08 2014


The Australian entertainment ratings board put out a curious new entry for Medabots: Rokusho. Described as being published by Nintendo and authored by Natsume, the listing went live on August 18, 2014. Given the name, one has to imagine this is referring to Medabots: An RPG Adventure, the 2003 Gameboy Advance remake of Medarot 2. Games are re-rated in preparation for a digital re-release. Given Nintendo is listed as the publisher, this should be for a Virtual Console title on the eShop. Currently the Game Boy Advance Virtual Console is restricted to Nintendo’s Wii U home console. Read the rest of this entry »

“No current Medabots [games] will be localized,” says Natsume

21 08 2014

With Medarot 8 set to hit Japanese retail next week, fans are anxious about the localization potential for the latest Nintendo 3DS game. After all, the game acts as yet another reboot to the franchise’s lore but still offers some familiar mascot robots like Metabee and Rokusho. It should be a shoe-in for localization, right? Well, mirroring what we’ve heard before, Natsume has shut that down:

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Medarot 8 Demo Now Available In Japan

9 08 2014

Medarot 8 demo Rocket Company has released a promotional demo for Medarot 8. Available exclusively in Japan, the demo is based on the Kuwagata version of the game. Players go through the early portion of the game where Salt grieves over his father’s death and ultimately decides to become a Medarot detective. His enrolment into the Laurel Detective Bureau depends on the player’s ability to defeat three tutorial matches. Read the rest of this entry »

Medarot 8 TV Commercial And Trailer

1 07 2014


Rocket Company has released both the 30 second TV commercial and debut trailer for Medarot 8. Not only does the trailer feature new traditional animation and an overview of the gameplay systems, it also reveals the voice actors for the title. Natsuki Hanae will play the protagonist Salt, while Nao Higashiyama will play the role of Salt’s superior, Anise. Read the rest of this entry »


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